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Top 12 Hardwood Trends for 2016: (#8)

Simple, Sustainable and Natural looking

dark hardwood floors in entryFirst, I’m seeing a trend towards simplicity and keeping the same flooring throughout the home in virtually all areas – same wood, same color ….including kitchens and entryways (see below for more info on hardwood in kitchens).


Second, I’m noticing the preference toward simpler layouts. So, the wood is the same width and same direction. Most are shying away from multi or random width planks, borders, herringbone, medallions. Less is More!


white oak 2016 hardwood trendThird, customers seem to be more interested in long term sustainable solutions, rather than cheaper temporary fixes. They want higher quality hardwoods and ones that look more natural and higher grade. They are opting more often for solid hardwood that will last a lifetime (and then some) rather than engineered wood or bamboo that will need to be replaced and often look more fake (as many are rotary sawn). This helps them both while they live in the home as well as resale value.


I’m also seeing higher grade polyurethane and more coats so that floors will last longer before they need to be refinished. More customers are avoiding products made in China.

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