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Top 12 Hardwood Trends for 2016: (#7)

Modern Vintage and Cottage Chic

modern vintage hardwood - castlewoodThis is a trend where old world meets new. It’s hardwood that looks vintage (wider planks, more matte finishes or wire brushed finishes) but in more contemporary colors and cooler tones (vs. the warmer/redder tones you see in reclaimed or older wood). These floors tend to be flat with square edges (i.e. no bevels).



Oiled floors 2016 hardwood trendsOiled floors are growing as well driven by this modern vintage look as well as a desire for a more natural look.  These lower VOC products are easier to repair and give more of reclaimed wood look. The natural oils penetrate the wood and become part of the floor. They enhance the natural grain of the wood to preserve the original beauty and patina. While some prefer this look, it is more expensive and can be much higher maintenance. These items are rather niche due to both the cost and maintenance.


You can also see this modern vintage style growing in furniture from West Elm and at the group tables in your local Starbucks.

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