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Top 12 Hardwood Trends for 2016: (#5)

Wire-brushed Hardwood

wire brushed hardwood 2016 trendWhat does wire-brushed wood look like? Wire-brushed is a weathered and authentic look to your hardwood floors that’s created by using wire bristles to open and enhance the wood grain. It’s an etched look that gives subtle texture while still maintaining a smooth surface. It’s used for a cottage chic (or shabby chic) look and it helps hide dirt and imperfections more. It’s more expensive to make (as there is an extra step and often 2 colors applied with one as a glaze), and is generally only available in pre-finished hardwood

wire bushed hardwood - castlewood 2016 trendsThe wire brushing process scrapes off the softest portions of the wood leaving the hardest wood. It exposes and emphasizes the graining to give it more character. You see this more often with wide plank flooring.

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