Dustless Sanding and Refinishing

Sanding new and existing wood floors are professionally sanded to the bare wood. The actual removal from the wood’s surface for all sanding is usually between 1/32 and 1/16 of an inch. The dustless sanding is usually preformed in a three stages, running from coarse-fine-very fine. Once the floors are sanded, and all dust is removed, professional sealers or stains can be applied to the bare wood. Each wood species has it’s own natural color, but stains can be applied to achieve various color shades.. We prefer the use of oil-base polyurthanes for all top coats, but can use professional water-base urethanes for an additional cost. Please keep in mind that the water-based products are relatively new, and need to be perfected before we will issue our stamp of approval for the use of these products on our professional crafted woods. At this time, we prefer the use of oil-base polyurethanes over the water-based products for their full body appearance and durability that most customers are accustomed to. The application of water-based urethanes require thin coats, that result in the raising of the wood grain with each application. For this reason, water-base urethanes usually require 4 or 5 applications before sufficient protection is achieved. While some water base finishes will keep your wood lighter, many do not. Some finishes are considered non-yellowing, but the overall color of the wood will change over time due to the natural aging of the wood.

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